Choice, not chance, determines human destiny.

~ Robert W. Ellis

Our Career Offerings

rFactorconsultants was conceived by alumni of XLRI & IIT to value add to the Education Sector and pass on their learning from Corporate to the Student Community at large. Our Career Products were born out of intense deliberations with Academic and Corporate decision makers.


21st century careers are dynamic, and that, to stay ahead, you need to anticipate change and adapt. After all, your organization is no doubt changing continually to anticipate and meet the demands of its market. If your organization is changing all of the time, shouldn't you expect to do the same - if you want to be relevant ? This is where you need to be flexible and forward-thinking, and equip our self with skills that will be valued in the future. You also need to understand your inherent strength, likes and dislikes. Our research says that people who choose opportunities based on their individual satisfaction tend to be more happy in their Work- Life, are more likely to realize their creative potential or achieve their own best work either in corporate or outside as entrepreneurs.

We believe that the proactive approach is the best way to ensure that your career gives you the opportunities you want. rFactorconsultants through its Assessment Tools & Counselling Sessions strives to fill this crucial link. Our methodology helps you think about how you can stay one step ahead of change, and become exceptionally competitive in the workplace.

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FAQs :

How does this Assessment / Report really help me when I have already chosen my Area of Specialisation ?

So what if you have chosen for e.g .Computer Science / Engineering as your degree specialisation! Do you know that there could be different career paths within IT to pursue, each of them needing different set of work behaviours for success. A well prepared candidate would be better placed to evaluate all the options lying ahead. Knowing your strengths, orientation, environmental preference, motivation and developmental gaps would keep you always ahead in the race for the best-fit Jobs.

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