Perhaps the most central characteristic of authentic leadership is the relinquishing of the impulse to dominate others

~ David Cooper
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Coaching Practice

When leaders, managers, and organisations recognize the true power of inquiry and take advantage of question - centered methodologies, they set a dynamic course for organisational excellence and competitive advantage We have behaviourally trained experts who can empower clients both professionally and personally.

A snapshot of what we have to offer

1.Leadership Coaching

The typical approach to management development until date has been to send managers to classroom (or outbound) sessions on leadership. While this effort is any day better than no development activity, it has certain limitations that organizations need to consider carefully.

First, each manager has different development needs that may or may not be addressed in a standard workshop.

Secondly, even if the workshop is well received by the managers, there is no accountability for implementing the new knowledge and skills learned at the workplace, essentially because managers are often too busy to do so.

Thirdly, traditional leadership development workshops are based on the premise that if people understand, then they will do. Unfortunately, research proves that while many understand, very few actually do.

Lastly, it is unrealistic to expect management development to happen if input is limited to occasional training events, which do not have a follow-up process. These limitations can be addressed through Leadership Coaching.

Offer: 1- 1 Coaching for Leaders through 5-6 Planned Sessions

Features: Pre Diagnosis, Data Collection, Building Effective Relationship with Client, Facilitations, Identification of Priorities, Action Planning & Follow up.

2 Executive Coaching

Based on our observations and experiences, we have formulated a model that is built on humanistic psychology or philosophy. In our coaching relationship, acceptance is unconditional. It is never withheld or withdrawn. This creates an environment in which people are truly heard, never judged and honoured for who they are today. Many Senior CXOs and CEOs have partnered with us in their sojourn towards unlocking their true potential.

Offer: 1: 1 scheduled over a prolonged period, from 3 months to one year, not days. Usually Onsite, not far from the workplace

3 Hi -Po Coaching

Most Organizations and Senior Management spend a good percentage of their time and resources on creating interventions for High Potential Talent. Hi Potential (Hi Po) are about 2-5 % of the workforce. 77 % of companies say they don’t have enough successors for senior managers. Managing this challenge requires separate process, hard work, C – level direct involvement and time – at least 30 % of senior executives’ time. After you have identified your Hi Po, we can completely own the process of managing the process through proven and tested Coaching Technologies and Tools.

Offer : Time based Contract or Retainer ship Approach

Five significant benefits which your Hi Pos get through our interventions :

1. Continuous one-on-one attention
2. Expanded thinking through dialogue with a curious outsider
3. Self-awareness, including blind spots
4. Personal accountability for development, and
5. Just-in-time learning.

4. Certification Workshop for Managers / First time Leaders

In the future, success will come to those companies, large and small, that can meet global standards and develop capable leaders who can ring fence their team members. Through this Introductory Workshop we could help build awareness amongst your Middle Management Leadership on this evolving Art and Science.

Offering 3: Spread over 3 full Days or 6 Half Day Sessions

The workshop covers – What is Coaching - Informal & Formal , What are its Benefits , What it is not, Rules of Confidentiality, Introduction to some Models of Coaching , Actual Role Plays by participants , Building of some skills of facilitating Coaching sessions , How results will be Measured , Action Planning, Tools & Techniques to build on the Skills and so on and so forth.

Return on Investment Promise:

rFactor Consultants would like all stakeholders of each Executive Coaching Program to recognize the return on the coaching investment; therefore, 25% of the total coaching fee is held until the last coaching month. If the client clearly recognizes the Value delivered through the coaching, then the 25% remaining fee will be paid in full. If the client feels that the Value was not delivered, the 25% remaining fee is not paid. In either situation, a final discussion exploring outcome will be processed with the client.