To exceed the expectations of others, we must first raise expectations of ourselves.

~ Robin Crow
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We are experts at converting complex challenges into simple solutions for you. Whatever be your pain areas, you can rest assure that our proven methodology will deliver highly effective and innovative solutions – building upon success – tested approaches in QUALITY, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY

A snapshot of what we have to offer

1.Talent Management Advisory

Our experienced team can work with you to uncover and exploit the strengths in your current talent management processes as well as develop new methods for achieving superior results in recruiting, developing and retaining top talent.

People costs account for 70 percent of the total cost of doing business—and with good reason. Because the right people are the most valuable resource in any organization, it’s a competitive necessity to have the best processes in place to attract, hire, train, and retain the best employees.

Our Talent Management Consultants are experts at helping you align your HR organizational structure with streamlined, processes that enhance employee productivity and performance and as a result, support your strategic objectives.

Our Offerings

1. Talent Mangement Audit
2. Building Integrated Talent Management Framework
3. Defining Process Measures
4. Best Practices Implementation

2.Leadership Capabilty Partnership

Reams of literature have been written on Leadership Styles and what ails the New Look Leaders. The recent Financial Crisis also proved beyond doubts that competencies needed for a growth phase are no longer relevant for downturn or survival phase. We have through our various interactions and engagement modules observed that despite their differences in style, the leaders of great organizations share key behavioural traits.

There's no simple recipe for developing these skills; group leadership is far more an art than a science. But we can start by rethinking our notion of what collaboration means and how it is achieved. Unfortunately our management training and educational institutions lack focus on group development as well as individual development. Corporations usually reward individual rather than group achievement, even as leaders call for greater teamwork and partnership.

rFactor Consultants provide the following services on Leadership Capability Building.

A- Leader Focused Solutions

1 Assessments delivered through personalized reports: Creates awareness of leadership style and its impact on others and the organization. Full 360° and powerful personality assessments available.

2 TransLead @ : a customized leadership development program, typically delivered to high potentials ranging from director-level to executives over several months in chunks of 3- to 4-day sessions. The program is designed via interviews with key stakeholders, enabling identification of the specific leadership competencies that need special attention.

3 Leaders Developing Leaders: Blending of the perspectives and experiences of your leaders where they become the program faculty, mentors, and coaches.

B – System Focused Solutions

1. Hi Potential Program
2. Succession Planning Program
3. Personal Development Program (PDPs)

3.Strategy & Culture Building

We provide best practices to assist organizations on leveraging their talent, culture and strategic plan in order to meet business goals and objectives.

rFactor Consultants believe that :

1. Strategy is more about Building Capabilities than it is about Marketing
2. Strategy is primarily a process of establishing Values: The way we will operate
3. Strategy should be primarily about improvement of existing businesses and only then about new markets and services
4. Strategy development is primarily a creative activity, not an analytical one
5. The goal of strategy is not to forecast where the market is going, but to create the responsive organization which will adapt wherever it goes
6. Most of strategic planning’s Value is in figuring out How To “Make Things Happen”. It is not so much about what we should be doing; so much as it is about how to   get it done

Our Offerings

Strategic Change Accelerator @ :Programs that will help you convert your strategic plan into reality—and results.

Culture Assessment and Alignment :We will help you assess and define your current culture and create and implement a plan for culture development and change that will enable your organization to accomplish its goals and retain top talent.

HR Transforming Model:a tested framework to support critical decisions to be made throughout process.

4. Organisational Development

While leadership programs and executive coaching can plant the seeds of positive change, organizational systems are also required to nurture growth. In this spirit, we work with clients to build the HR and OD systems that will strengthen and sustain their leadership development systems. With our expertise in organizational dynamics and human resources, we help clients in areas such as:

Transforming Change Mandates

•Organisational Diagnosis -identifying the real need , symptoms, issues related to Structure, Work Processes, Technology, Environment & People dimensions which are needed to be addressed.

•Performance Management Revamp -for promoting clear expectations and high performance.

•Organisational Design -we carry out Job Evaluation, Job Analysis, Role re structuring , Organ gram design and Policy Formulation.

•Competency Framework -Designing end to end Competencies for various functions ( across department ) and roles of incumbents ( across levels ).

•Integration Success -Program managing the Change in scenarios like M&A , New Business built out , Dispersed locations, New Leaders Assimilation & Multi Cultural Environment.

Building Change Resilience

However cliche' it is to say this, change is the only constant in business. Are your managers and leaders adept at managing and implementing change initiatives? Are your teams able to realign as needed to ensure they are focused on the most important work? Let us help you plan, manage, and implement change efforts in a way that help build the organization's capacity for change management that will serve today's and tomorrow's needs.

To ensure that your strategic change initiatives are successful, rFactor Consultants offer a full range of OD services to help you turn strategies into results. Choose from the following part List.

•Change Audits -that help crystallize the organization's "Agenda for Change". Helps you in diagnostic of Change Readiness.

•Building Tools -Tools that help bridge the current state of the organization to the desired future state.

•Structured Off sites -that help catalyze and fine tune vision, values, and operating principles.

Change Management Cast Study