Your Decision Advisor has arrived

rFactor Consultants believe that our Clients know their pain points the best . rFactor Consultants by bringing themselves on the conversation table, try to help their clients articulate the perceived obstacles to taking a real approach . Our role is to analyze their needs, their situation, what they are committed to doing or accomplishing and where we could be of help. Through our authenticity and commitment we help our prospect decide a meaningful purpose to do business with us.

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What we stand for


  • Result Orientation

  • Responsiveness

  • Relevance of Solutions

  • Real

  • Robust

  • Resilient

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What's in it for You ?

Our purpose—is to build better and productive organizations.Our passion lies in improving human potential.Our focus is change management-- be a catalyst to your work place transformation.We approach this by customizing our services to meet your needs.So if you feel that we are the right advisors to help you gain the competitive advantage which you deserve -
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About rFactor

rFactor Consultants is conceived to provide progressive organisations with client centric human resources management consulting and services to help them succeed.

We help clients in varied sectors define organizational and human resource strategies, as well as design and deploy programs that help them meet their operational objectives. We invite you to learn more about us through this site.

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